Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pangkor Trip

18 July 2009
My Pangkor Story begin...

Teng's car breakdown on the highway
becouse of the car temperature increase
and everyone feel bad about it

When we reached Pangkor
We all take a walk the beach
The funny part is me and Afza saw a fake dead fish

On that time me and Afza having a small arguement
is all because of me
He really piss off with me
so we not talking much
he was taking his moment to cool down

And me snaping photo to express my feeling
the sea view take my attention

the moment of sunset

Hiding behind of the rock to express my feeling

The day after
We are heading back to KL
So sad
What a short moment I spend my time at Pangkor

On the ferry
I snap few photos

This is the view from the fisherman village...

Their life style for living

The view near by the fisherman's village

I think this is a nice view

This uncle
He know i'm taking his picture
so he do his great pose

Welcome to the firsherman's village jetty
pick-up and drop off point

Here we are the jetty at Lumut
straight heading back to Kuala Lumpur
Good bye Pangkor...

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