Friday, January 15, 2010

Something i don't want to choose but yet i don't want to loose

There is someone i never expect that I will choose but yet I don't want to loose. He is special to me and he did notice that how much we need each other.

At first I know that he belong to someone else but I keep the borderline there. I do understand and say to myself that things never gonna happen between me and him. And day by day goes by, the zero feeling starting to fill in with happiness, then cares and in the end fill with love.

Yes, I do understand we can't be together. He belong to someone else. I don't want to spoil others relationship. I feel bad. Try to control it making me more hard. I realize I do need him, and I know i can't be happy with him. Why?!

(Ne-Yo - Never knew I needed)
Yeah that is really I feel about him.

(Dashboard Confessional - Stolen)
He stolen my heart away.

(Wonder Girl - Nobody)
I see nobody but I only see is him.

What should I do?

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