Friday, November 26, 2010

Birthday party for Rizal

The picture was took on the 21 November 2010.
What happen is our friends decided to make a birthday party surprise for Rizal.
The birthday party was planned by Haniff and Wan Dori.
And me and Johan been invited as a guest.
On that night, everyone was get drunk.
13 bottles of whiskey can drive you crazy.
Yeah man, I can't believe that they party and drunk like an animal.
-this is INSANE-
After the party ends, the management switch on the light.
And guess what, i bump into my old scooter dude named Ajat.
When he exchange his number with me so I reach to my handbag...
I founded out my wallet was missing...
everything inside my wallet was gone...
the thief grab my walletwhen I was dancing or maybe when i went to toilet..
smart ass you moron...
My boyfriend Johan, he took me to the police station at Bangsar to make a report..
It was my unlucky day...

Our very first picture in the club took by Rizal

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