Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kuantan Holiday Trip With Luv and Friends

From Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan
Stay at Kampung Tiram

Day 1 activities

We have our first visit at Teluk Cempedak
We had our lunch at Timur Kukus

Our Nasi Kukus

After our Lunch we heading to Kuantan Town
Chill out at the East Coast Mall for movie

We had Baskin Robbin while waiting for our movie
Yay...Wednesday is Pink Day promotion!!
So we choose 1 scoop Chocolate and 1 scoop Jamoca Almond Fudge

After we done our ice cream straight away catch our Hantu Bonceng movie
at GSC

After Movie we heading to Tanjung Lumpur
Dinner.....Ana Ikan Terbakar Petai!!!

The Ikan Bakar was superb!!!
Last stop at Coffee Street...
Coffee Time!!!

Now Heading back to Kampung Tiram.........

Day 2

We woke up late because watched movie the whole night slept at 7 a.m.
By the time we woke up is around 3 P.M.
Go out and fetch Raymie's Girlfriend Pnut at her working place.
So Pnut bring us to this beautiful places around Kuantan.
Second days trip start with our late brunch at Mok Naa near Tanjung Lumpur.
Specialty here is Keropok lekor, Ikan Goreng Tepung, Udang Goreng Tepung plus
the Air Jagung....yummy!!! 2 Thumbs up..

After done with our brunch, we decided to take a walk at
the beach side of Pantai Sepat...
Pantai Sepat is a nice place to swim but a lot of cow's poo
and also a lot of crabs....the big one.

I took a pic of our camera shy Mr. Crab

And also this too...
I don't know this thing called what...

Is almost dark, so we take a move back to Kuantan Town
for a lovely nice dinner.
Welcome to Crocodile rock
The food won't let you down
and plus nice and lovely environment too.
but we so lucky that night
They having Jazz Live band on every Thursday...

The Menu

Raymie order a pizza

I order a Caesar Salad

Johan Order Salmon Grill

Pnut Order a Lasagna

After the lovely nice dinner and Live Band
We make a next move to Teluk Cempedak
Raymie and Pnut want to meet up a friend there.
Johan and I walked along the sea side and
joined Pnut and Raymie at Warong Koffe TreeUnder
just for a cup of Teh Tarik.

Everything is settle
We head back to Kampung Tiram...
Need to Wake up early going back to KL!!!

Day 3

We packing our clothes at the afternoon
heading back to kl...
Before start our journey
We had our last Nasi Kukus at Warong Mazenah
If I not mistaken for this...

Now we are back from Kuantan.
What a nice trip...
Hope you guys can take my tips for visit at Kuantan...

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