Friday, December 30, 2011

The Humble Chef

In a golden triangle city of Kuala Lumpur, can you find a van you can find a truck/kitchen/cafe combo, serving cheap, yummy and tasty Italian cuisine in Pusat Bandar Damansara. Is like very week dinner list for me and my boyfriend. The meat only got 2 choices only, either Chicken or Lamb. The friendly Chef Rosman Hussin is the owner of Humble Chef and he actually fully qualified chef. He took a Diploma in Culinary Arts from local private college and he had stints working as a chef in Kuala Lumpur and Germany a few years back.
Why the truck and not a grounded premise instead? The idea is come from Chef Rosman's mom because to own a grounded premise need a lot of investment, bills, rental and so on. The Truck is what a brilliant idea....
The Humble Chef MENU :-
1) Chicken or Lamb Carbonara - RM5
2) Chicken or Lamb Olio - RM5
3) Chicken or Lamb Pita - RM4
4) Chicken or Lamb Omelette - RM2.50

The Humble Chef always open at 9.30 P.M and close at 1 A.M.
But do not come late because :-
1) you hardly to find a table.
2) food will out of order especially pasta.


Venue :-
(The Humble Chef)
Jalan Damanseri, 50490 Kuala Lumpur