Monday, January 2, 2012

Unexpected Party

Last night my boyfriend and I hangout with our friends at McD Shah Alam.
(Pnut, Raymie, Wati, Ijam, Is and Madi)
After dinner we when to Alamanda, Putrajaya. They boys want to challenge Battle Gear 3.
Me and the girls bought a popcorn just enjoy the show from behind.
After finish battle then we all decided to eat Durian.
So Ijam and his wife Wati bought a lot of durian and eat and home.
Reached at Ijam and Wati's house they plan to Shisha too, so we called Hazard and Hazard called they rest of them to come over.
(Hazard, Yasir, Mat, Izham, Farouq and Malloy)
Wati come out the BBQ idea, so the girls go out to Pasar Borong Selangor and prepare the foods.
A simple and nice....Everyone loves Wati's Sambal Kicap!!!
Do you that we started our BBQ at 3 A.M and finish almost at 6 A.M.
Everyone sleep over Wati and Ijam's house only Yasir, Mat, Izham, Farouq and Malloy.
We slept until 1 P.M. and everyone is so hungry for lunch. So Ijam went out to buy some foods, and the girls are busy prepare lunch for the boys.
Wati and Ijam subscribe Ombak Rindu so we can eat while watching Aaron Aziz....hahahaha
Until 9 P.M. we chilled at Wati and Ijam's House.

Really unexpected party

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